Strategy & Facilitation

Like you, if Ray sees one more SWOT chart or is asked to break into one more pointless sub-group, he’ll do something he regrets.

From Left Field’s expert facilitation revolves around creative thinking, reimagining, telling stories and articulating a new and bold vision, not around reams of butcher’s paper.

Our goal is to help you fashion an inspiring vision of the future, find the spark that lights your people up and serves as a beacon leading to a successful future.

Business Transformation

From Left Field’s unique Organisational Health-check assesses your business across the following key parameters:

  • Vision
  • Culture
  • Resources
  • Strategies
  • Systems
  • KPIs

Then we use the results from this diagnostic tool to work alongside management to design and implement the strategic framework to drive the organisation forward.

Building Winning Cultures

Ray Glickman has a reputation for building positive, high-performance cultures.

His advisory approach is to embed himself in organisations to assess the ‘lived culture’, and then to sit alongside management and staff to plot the desired course towards a positive culture that inspires and motivates.

From Left Field uses a unique diagnostic tool that assesses an organisation’s cultural strength against six parameters:

  • Customer focus
  • Strength of values
  • Adherence to policies and procedures
  • Team focus – workplace
  • Team focus – corporate
  • Attitude and outlook

Coaching & Mentoring

At From Left Field, we use our extensive leadership and hands-on management experience to listen, ask questions and prompt solution finding.

Ray Glickman’s background in psychology, social work and coaching leadership teams, equips him to offer mentorship and targeted coaching. This unique approach encourages creative problem solving and enhances the development of leadership capability.

Project Management

The team at From Left Field has extensive experience in master planning and project coordination of development and refurbishment projects in aged care and local government. We take care of the process so you can run your business.

Demographic, Market & Competition Analysis

From Left Field’s capability in analysing demographics, market demand and the strength of competition has proved invaluable in assisting our clients to build strategy and evaluate acquisitions and development proposals.